Digitising Short Term Lookahead Planning with Aphex and Oracle - Webinar 28 June 2018 @ 3pm (BST)

June 11, 2018

Good short term lookahead planning is essential to the success of any project. In many ways it’s the most important element of the planning process and is really the building blocks for delivering the project on time and to budget.

Yet given the importance of the lookahead programme the tools used to plan it are often, out of date, not fit for purpose or far too complicated for the user. The result can be either uncollaborative planning or an overburden being placed on the project's Planners whose main responsibility is the master schedule. The lookahead should be undertaken by the engineers on the ‘ground’ and the tools they use should promote collaboration and ease of use.

With the onset of the construction tech sector we are seeing fantastic solutions such as drones for pre-construction site mapping or autonomous robots for site inspections. Yet we are planning day to day work on some of the most advanced projects in the world on spreadsheets and presentation slideshows.

At Aphex we are all from the construction industry and we thought there was a better way to undertake the lookahead planning process. We developed Planner which allows you to work collaboratively to make the most efficient plan possible to manage your works. Being cloud based allows anyone to access the software at any time so the information is available at the click of a button. We think people need to know where work is undertaken, so we developed an innovative sequence tool. The user uploads pdfs of the site and draws working areas allowing the team to automatically print sequence slides and highlight potential workgroup clashes.

It also gives you loads of data which will inform the site team of what is happening and what everyone can do to improve site performance.

Tune in to our webinar on the 28th of June 3pm GMT, our BDM James Wilson will be showing you how we're revolutionising this incredibly crucial aspect of the construction process!

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  • Who are Aphex

  • Short term planning is a central source of inefficiency

  • As an industry what are we doing to solve – new tech, collaboration, transparency

  • How Aphex Planner can manage the lookahead planning process

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