Aphex Planner provides you with a lean, collaborative, short-term planning platform to help you work smarter. Join projects around the world by starting your free trial today.

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Uncover project information with collaboration
Planner is a cloud based tool, which strengthens your communication with the team. Updates are presented in real-time, so you can make more informed decisions and have access to on-demand data.
"Aphex Planner is a unique, easy to use short term planning tool which will improve site efficiency and communication."
Phil E. - Agent
Lots of projects? Get lots of insight
Planner aggregates your activity's daily statuses to produce a Project Dashboard, highlighting your project’s performance. Project Dashboards are also aggregated to produce a Company Dashboard, allowing you to see important cross-project information. Having an automated breakdown of your project's delays means that you can have a bigger insight into your projects, by doing less.
Total visibility, without the extra work
Planner’s Smart Status feature will automatically record the status of your work as time progresses. As engineers amend their plans, delays are captured to record either activity slippage or extended durations ensuring a comprehensive as-built record. This record is accessible by all and you can even add comments and photos.
Find out when there's a problem, not after
Instead of resolving the clashes on your multi-million project using sticky notes and spreadsheets, Planner instantly and automatically detects your time-location clashes and presents solutions to ensure a safe and practical sequence of works.
"Aphex understand what our drivers are and worked closely with us to make updates that have provided real benefits to those planning and delivering on site. Having something that digitises and automates the programme clash process means we can start working smarter not harder."
Matt G. - Project Director
Your plans, built by us in minutes
You can save hours each week by eradicating the manual process of sketching out your work areas. Sequence slides and phasing have never been so easy, as Planner lets you print out your automated Sequence Deck and distribute it to the whole team.
"With Planner, I can save up to 2 hours every week automating the process of producing sequence slides for Readiness Schedule Meetings."
Tom B. - Assistant Planner

Using a master schedule? Planner can be integrated seamlessly

Build and Update your lookahead plan from your master schedule through Planner's import and export features. It's quick and easy to get going. Don't believe us? Try it for free.

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