Aphex Planner is a smart short-term planning tool that encourages efficient, collaborative planning providing your project team with valuable data to optimise the work stream.

Planner is a replacement for traditional look-ahead programmes and uniquely features clash detection to help projects sequence their works both efficiently, and safely.

Clever use of analytics will automatically create dashboards enabling individual users, teams, projects, or even companies to better understand the dynamics of their work, promoting efficiency.

Intuitive Gantt
User-friendly gantt interacts with other project users and optimises workflow by attaching time location sketches to activities and information.
Clash Detector
Identify, address and mitigate time / location clashes between all project users, enabling you to proceed with the most workable plan.
Sequence your project in the safest and most efficient way. Automatically produce detailed printable sequence slides to share the plan with your team.
Status activities as time progresses, identify the root-cause of delays and underperformance of your teams and subcontractors.
Interactive Dashboard
Responsive reporting in real-time. Dashboards display project information so you can see progress, trends and performance.
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