Short-term planning that brings innovation to your construction project

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Your plans, built by us in minutes

Visuals of your plan can be generated and distributed in minutes, saving you time and giving you a more efficient way to deliver start of shift briefings.
Keep your finger on the pulse of your project
With automatic, on-demand data and metrics that allow you to drill down into the root-cause of delay and hold people accountable to the plan.
Find out when there's a problem, not after
Planner identifies and notifies you in the event of a time-location clash, allowing you to mitigate risks and solve problems before they become major, saving you time and ensuring safety on site.
Uncover project information with collaboration
Collaborate with your team to strengthen your communication and better inform your plans. Everyone on the team can submit detailed reports in real-time, so you can receive consistent updates.
Standardised reports, the way you need them
Planner saves you the laborious task of aggregating root-cause analysis and accountability, so you can deliver reports and insights in a fraction of the time and stay a cut above the rest.
Multiple projects? Get big amounts of data
With pools of data points building on subcontractors, projects and the team, insights can keep you informed and drive best practice from project to project
“With Planner, I can save up to 2 hour every week automating the process of producing sequence slides for Readiness Schedule Meetings.”
Tom B. - Assistant Planner
"Aphex understand what our drivers are and worked closely with us to make updates that have provided real benefits to those planning and delivering on site. Having something that digitises and automates the programme clash process means we can start working smarter not harder."
Matt G. - Project Director
"Aphex planner is a unique, easy to use short term planning tool which will improve site efficiency and communication."
Phil E. - Agent
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