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Producing a business case? Use our ROI calculator to highlight project savings with Planner

"With Planner, I can save up to 2 hours every week automating the process of producing sequence slides for Readiness Schedule Meetings."
Tom B. - Assistant Planner

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Direct Savings

What are our calculations based on?

Aphex Planner has been demonstrated to save over 6 hours per week per Project Planner and 4 hours per week per Engineer by making the weekly planning process more efficient and productive.

Furthermore, Collaborative Planning Meetings can be streamlined significantly using the Clash Detection feature, by identifying and mitigating the majority of workgroup clashes in advance of the meeting.

Indirect Savings

How else can you save time and money?

Clash Detection

Planner instantly and automatically detects your time-location interface clashes and presents solutions to ensure a safe and practical sequence of works.


Our dashboards shows live, data-driven insights to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your projects. Short term trends highlight the root-cause of issues, allowing you to hold people accountable to the plan and make better informed decisions.


All users work on the same plan ensuring full visibility of works, keeping your team in the know!

As-Built Record

Planner's Smart Status feature ensures that your as-built programme is always up to date with full substantiation for delays on site.

Resource Requirements

Key Project Resources can be easily tracked and added to your activities and histograms are automatically produced to ensure you have sufficient resources available.

Progress of Planned Quantities

Key Project Quantities enable you to visibly track your team's completed quantities against planned quanities, perfect for Application for Payment!