Patch 2.1 notes

October 23, 2018



The Baseline feature allows you to compare variance between your current plan and project snapshots.

A Baseline Snapshot can be set up by the Project Admin on the Project Settings Page.

Project Settings - Set Snapshot

A Custom Snapshot can also be created by the Project Admin in the Snapshot section of the Project Settings Page.

Create Custom Snapshot

To view Baselines on the Gantt, Click Baseline on the Baseline Drop-down Menu on the Gantt Toolbar.

Baseline Drop-down Menu

You can select what Baseline Snapshot you are viewing on the Gantt from the Snapshot Drop-down List.

Snapshot Drop-down List


  • Clicking on an activity in the past will open the Status Center for that activity. Find out more here.

  • Within the Status Center you can upload a site photo along with your comments as supporting evidence of progress on your project. Find out more here

  • When you print your gantt, the Activity Bar will change colour to either red or green depending on whether if it has been statused as delayed or completed/on track, respectively. Find out more here.

  • In order to access Project Settings the user must have the role of Project Admin. Find out more here.

  • Refreshed how you indent and outdent rows on the Gantt to nest activities within subheaders and headers. Find out more here.

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