October 31, 2018

1. Look Back
2. Activities Achieved
3. Project Snapshot
4. Delay Donut Charts
5. Delay Breakdown Table

1. Look Back

The Look Back Buttons define the date range for which your dashboard will display project data.

Look Back Buttons

2. Activities Achieved

The Activities Achieved Graph indicates daily achieved activities as a percentage of the total number of planned activities.

Hover your mouse over the graph to view the daily percentage of achieved activities.

The Activities Achieved Chart indicates the total number of activities achieved as a percentage of the total number of planned activities.

Activities Achieved Graph

3. Project Snapshot

Below the Activities Achieved graph is a Snapshot of Project Information, this includes;

  • Activities Completed - total number of completed activities within your Look Back Period irrespective of issues

  • Days Delayed - total number of days your works have been delayed

  • Most Common Delay Reason - the most commonly recorded reason for delays

  • Most Delayed Subcontractor - the subcontractor whose works have suffered from the most delays

  • Most Delayed Location - the location where most delays occur

Snapshot of Project Information

4. Delay Donut Charts

The Delay Donut Charts indicate the percentage breakdown of delays by user, subcontractor and delay type.

Delay Donut Charts

5. Delay Breakdown Table

The Delay Breakdown Table gives you a detailed breakdown of planned, achieved and delayed activities and reasons for delay. You can view the breakdown of data by user, subcontractor or location.

Click the Drop-down Arrow Button on the right of the table to view a breakdown of each activity per row.

Delay Breakdown Table

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