Getting Started

October 30, 2018

1. Installing Aphex Planner
2. Create New Project
   2.1 Project Setup
   2.2 Project Location
   2.3 Project Settings
3. Planner Toolbar
   3.1 Planner Icon
   3.2 Project Settings
   3.3 Home
   3.4 Gantt
   3.5 Sequence
   3.6 Dashboard
   3.7 Milestones
   3.8 Global Filter
   3.9 User Settings
4. Import
   4.1 Select CSV file to import
   4.2 Does your first row contain headers
   4.3 Assign a field to each column
   4.4 Amend the information and save
5. Export
6. Printing
7. Live Chat

1. Installing Aphex Planner

Planner can easily be accessed by a Web Browser, designed as a collaborative cloud-based solution we recommend a solid internet connection.

We strongly recommend that Planner is used with Google Chrome however other browsers are supported. Download Chrome for free here!

Visit and click the Login Button on the top right of the page. This will take you to - Planner's web application.

2. Create New Project

Create New Project Page

2.1 Project Setup

On the Project Setup section of the Create New Project Page enter project information and upload a company logo.

  • Project Name

  • Company Name

  • Sector

  • Project Value

Project Setup

2.2 Project Location

In the Location Section of the Create New Project Page enter project location information, select a tide station and upload project location drawings;

  • Country

  • City

  • Tide Station

Location Section

You can upload a location drawing by clicking Browse, and selecting a file from your local computer. After uploading a drawing, enter your location name.

Once you have uploaded your Location Drawing, click on the drawing to open the Crop Window.

In the Crop Window, click and drag the blue Crop Marks to crop your drawing.

Click Save to finalise your Location Drawing.

Crop Location

2.3 Project Settings

In the Project Settings Section of the Create New Project Page enter settings for your project along with configuring the day and time of your Baseline Snapshots.

  • Project Start Date

  • Target Success Rate

Project Settings

3. Planner Toolbar

The Planner Toolbar is located at the top of all pages on Planner.

Planner Toolbar

3.1 Planner Icon

Click on the Planner Icon to go to the Projects page and view all projects you are enrolled on.

Planner Icon

3.2 Project Settings

Click on the Project Button to open the Project Drop-down Menu where you can navigate to Project and Team Settings, create a new project or navigate to another project.

Project Button

In Project Settings, Project Admins can modify project information, manage project teams (users and subcontractors) along with importing and exporting project data.

*Click here to view the Project Settings tutorial.

3.3 Home

Click on the Home Button to navigate to the Home Page.

Home Button

On the Homepage you can find an overview of clashes, statuses, and upcoming activities.

*Click here to view the Home tutorial.

3.4 Gantt

Click on the Gantt Button to navigate to the Gantt.

Gantt Button

Collaboratively manage your lookahead plan on the Gantt page, here you can view all activity details, locations, the status of works and Baseline Snapshots.

*Click here to view the Gantt tutorial.

3.5 Sequence

Click on the Sequence Button to navigate to the Sequence Page.

Sequence Button

On the Sequence page you can visualise and manage the safe and efficient sequencing of works on your project.

*Click here to view the Sequence tutorial.

3.6 Dashboard

Click on the Dashboard Button to navigate to the Dashboard.

Dashboard Button

The Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of project information, including planned activities and a detailed breakdown of delays.

*Click here to view the Dashboard tutorial.

3.7 Milestones

Click on the Stopwatch Icon to view Project Milestones.

Stopwatch Icon

Hover your mouse over the Milestone's Countdown to view the Milestone Date.

Milestone Window

The Project Admin can configure project milestones in Project Settings.

*Click here to view the Milestones tutorial on how to create a milestones.

3.8 Global Filter

You can access Planner's Global Filter from any page within Planner by clicking on the Filter Button on the Planner Toolbar.

Filter Button

The Global Filter allows you to customise the data you are viewing on any page within Planner, filtering by User, Subcontractor, Location or Work Hours. Click on a Filter Check-box to activate a filter.

Global Filter Check-boxes

When a filter is active, it will appear on the gold Global Filter Toolbar, located below the Planner Toolbar. Clicking on an active filter within the toolbar will deactivate it, inactive filters on the toolbar will appear grey in colour.

Global Filter Toolbar

3.9 User Settings

Click on the User Icon on the right of the Planner Toolbar to navigate to Profile Settings, Account Settings or to Sign-out of Planner.

User Icon

In User Settings you can manage your profile information, reset your password and configure your preferences. You can also view your license plan, users on your projects and projects that you are enrolled on.

*Click here to view the User Settings tutorial.

4. Import

On the Project Settings - Import page you can import your project data via CSV (.csv) file. You can access the Import page from the Project Drop-down Menu on the Planner Toolbar.

Project Settings - Import Page

4.1 Select a CSV file to import

Click Browse to select a CSV document from your local computer. Please remember:

  • Ensure your file is saved in CSV format.

  • As a minimum, please include a Name, Start Date, End Date, User Email and Working Week per row.

  • Dates must be in DD/MM/YYYY format.

  • Each row can include a Header (group of activities).

  • Each activity can be assigned a Location (Location Drawing), Subcontractor or User (email), if it as been pre-configured in Prject Settings.

*Click here to see our Project Settings tutorial.

Select a CSV file to import

4.2 Does your first row contain headers

If you are importing a CSV file that contains headers, you can automatically remove the headers from the CSV file by ticking the check-box in this step.

Does your first row contain headers

4.3 Assign a field to each column

Click the Arrow Drop-down Button on the top of each column to assign a field and click Next.

  • The identifier column represents a unique identifier that Planner assigns to each row, enabling you to modify existing data within Planner.

  • If you assign the wrong field to a column you can select Ignore from the drop-down, which will remove field from that column.

Assign a field to each column

4.4 Amend the information and save

After assigning a field to each column you can edit the data you're about to import e.g. modify Activity, Location, Subcontractor Names, User Emails and Start and End Dates.

  • Click on a cell to enter new data or to open the Date Picker.

  • Click the arrow to the right of each cell to view a drop-down list of options.

  • Click and drag the bottom right of a cell to copy over the contents of that cell.

Fields that you edit will turn yellow.

Import data table- click and drag to copy

  • Click Save to confirm and import your data.

Save Button

  • Once you have saved, fields that contain errors will appear red. Fields containing errors must be amended before saving again.

  • If you are importing new activities, they will be automatically assigned an Identifier.

5. Export

You can access the Export page from the Project Drop-down Menu on the Planner Toolbar.

On the Project Settings - Export page you can export your project data via CSV (.csv) file.

To export your project data, click the Export Button and your download should start.

Export Page

The unique identifiers given to each row on Planner enable you to export your project data and then import to make batch changes and bulk delete activites.

6. Printing

Customise printable versions of your Gantt along with bespoke sequence slides to disseminate to your teams.

*Click here to view the Print tutorial.

7. Live Chat

You can chat with a member of the Aphex team by clicking on the Help Button on any page.

Help Button

Send a message on the Chat Window and one of the team will get back to you as soon as we can!

Live Chat Window

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